Nutritional Benefits

Nutritional Benefits

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Fresh mushrooms are nature’s treasure of health and taste and enhance the value of any meal. They are rich in amino acids, easily digestible protein, folic acid, riboflavin and dietary fibre.

Some species of mushrooms contain more potassium than bananas.

Mushrooms are found in every continent of the world and are used in every cuisine.

Mushrooms are the only fresh vegetable with Vitamin D.

Mushrooms are low in sodium and hence better for health.

Mushrooms are richest in folic acid, which is one of the most successful weapons against anaemia.

Fresh mushrooms are low in calories (only 20 calories for 5 medium-sized white mushrooms); fat-free; cholesterol-free and sodium-free.

They are high in riboflavin (as much as in an eight-ounce glass of milk) and contain as much fibre as a serving of lettuce and more than a slice of whole wheat bread.

There is no need to add salt to mushrooms as they add flavour. Thus, they reduce the risk of high blood pressure and hypertension by decreasing sodium

Mushrooms reduce the risk of birth defects, with adequate folate that reduces a woman’s risk of having a child with brain or spinal cord birth defects.

Mushrooms are known for their antioxidant properties and contain a wide range of valuable antioxidants. They are also the highest dietary source of a unique sulfur-containing antioxidant called ergothioneine.

Mushrooms contain prebiotics, a type of fibre that may help to support a healthy gut. The fibre in mushrooms is mainly insoluble, the type that helps keep your bowels regular.

Mushrooms exposed to UV light naturally generate Vitamin D. Vitamin D has an important role in keeping the skin healthy. About 100g of mushrooms in the sun for 15 minutes will generate 100% of your daily Vitamin D needs.

Mushrooms are low in calories, making them ideally suited for those watching their calorie intake. They can also make a meal more filling.
Mushrooms are gluten-free, have 0 grams of cholesterol, 0 grams of fat, more than 12 vitamins and minerals and up to 4.9 mg of antioxidants.

Stir mushrooms into frozen meals to make it more filling without adding significant calories, fat or sodium.

When roasting mushrooms, follow the ratio of one tablespoon of oil to every 8 ounces of mushrooms.

Trim the end of the stem before cooking your mushrooms.

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